ROOK/ NYC creates a bold look for The First Nutritional Bodycare Brand, iota.

iota, the first nutritional body care brand, is redefining personal care to go beyond the superficial and into the world of comprehensive health by targeting the skin microbiome from the neck down. Launching with two hero products, the Supervitamin Body Wash+ and the Superplant Body Serum+, each formulation delivers the most comprehensive approach to health in bodycare with a unique two-fold method: 1) A proprietary blend of microbiome-balancing prebiotics and postbiotics that directly targets the root of skin health and helps address skin issues before they occur, and 2) An expansive composition of multivitamins and essential actives thoughtfully curated based on compatibility and the unique benefits to skin health they each offer. The final compositions for each product were selected to optimize for radiance, firmness, hydration and smoothness.

“Traditional personal care has a quick-fix approach to issues like breakouts, odor and dry skin that too often neglects the root cause of these issues — our skin microbiome,” says iota co-founder and beauty industry vet Monique Meneses. “iota was created to increase skin health awareness. It’s critical for comprehensive health, just like sleep, gut health, nutrition and exercise.”

ROOK/NYC partnered with Monique Meneses and her business partner and husband, Ray Kim, to create the brand name, visual identity and packaging design. The name, iota, takes inspiration from the millions of tiny organisms that make up the body’s microbiome. The iota wordmark was crafted to evoke the feeling of continuous motion with its unique kerning and orientation throughout. A refined balance of science and luxury were the driving force behind the brand’s visual aesthetic, which is anchored by a sophisticated black and white palette, with a hidden touch of moss green lining the secondary packaging.

“In partnership with our client, we meticulously iterated on the layout of the packaging design to celebrate the artful science of ingredients and functionality without crowding the overall design” – Mark Christou, Founder & Creative Partner, ROOK/NYC


What was the creative process like?

It was extremely collaborative. Throughout the creative process, ROOK was able to take our vision of fusing the worlds of personal care and wellness and bring it to life in a fresh, engaging way that was both premium and accessible. We also loved working with a husband and wife team, just like us!

What were you surprised about during the process? 

Our goal was to establish ourselves as the most comprehensive bodycare on the market that has all-in-one multivitamins, multiminerals, actives and microbiome-supporting prebiotics and postbiotics — and communicate the reason to believe. The challenge was that there was a lot of information that we wanted to relay to our customer with limited real estate on our bottles and carton packaging, and ROOK was up to the task. We spent months iterating on the name and design and the name and logo we ended up moving forward with was one of the first ROOK presented to us! It all came full circle.

How do you feel about the result of the project?

“We LOVE your logo and packaging!” This is one of the comments we’ve heard the most from customers of the brand. That pretty much sums up how we feel as well! We look forward to collaborating with Mark & Rebecca in the future.

Client – iota (MMRK, LLC)

Agency – ROOK / NYC

Agency Website –

Agency Team

Creative Partner, Mark Christou

Managing Partner, Rebecca Thomas Christou

Project Manager, Lexi Bottern

External Credits

Photographer, Ari Colliard

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Agency location – New York,  NY

Product Market Country – US



Creative Partner: Mark Christou
Managing Parnter: Rebecca Christou
Project Manager: Lexi Bottern