The ready-to-drink market is rather limited in Belarus.

Viva Costa looks to offer young 18-24-year-old Belarusians something different. A low alcohol RTD with a wide range of flavours, the brand seeks to give the experience and taste without the high prices associated with cocktails and long drinks.
Viva Costa is about escapism. Sip on an ice-cold, refreshing cocktail and be transported to a vibrant beach bar in Havana or an isolated beach on the coast of Mexico.
BlackMoon Studio was tasked to bring this new brand creation to life through packaging and visual identity.

A destination in glass became the creative idea. Every cocktail has a unique glass and a unique provenance story. Creating an element of discovery within the cocktail glass, BlackMoon Studio combined the coastal scene with the ingredient. Whether it be a Mexican beach scene with a lime sunset or a chilled Havana beach vibe under a mint leaf palm tree.

The packaging architecture echos that of an exotic window found in Havana, Cancun, or the Amalfi Coast to further strengthen the destination idea.

The result is a fun, vibrant brand perfect for those relaxing days.
Sit back, watch the sunset and enjoy a refreshing Viva Costa with friends.

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