Agency: BlackMoon Studio
Creative Partner: James Diaz Alberdi
Creative Partner: John Hughes
Managing Partner: Grace Ng
Location: Singapore
Project Type: Produced
Client: Orang Tuang
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Spirit
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Aluminium cap, Paper, cardboard
Printing Process: digital, foil stamping

A whisky created specifically for the Indonesian market. Drum is oak aged, smooth, elegant and uses high quality ingredients at a competitive price. A premium Balinese whisky that is a fair match to several imported competitors.

Produced by Bali-based Astidama Distillery, Drum whisky is made from malt and matured in oak casks for 4 years. This process creates a unique aroma, taste and finish.

Drum has, however, lost its relevance and connection to the Indonesian people, by failing to evolve with its loyal consumer base.

BlackMoon Studio were tasked with Drum whisky’s first ever redesign since its inception back in 2005. Creating a label that reflected the high quality and local connection to Drum’s Indonesian roots and traditions.

Batik became the inspiration, a traditional pattern that is ingrained into Indonesian culture and art. Representing heritage, craftsmanship and quality, these values are also associated with Drum whisky.

What’s Unique?
BlackMoon Studio meticulously re-crafted all the assets, from the bespoke logo typography to the oak aged casks illustrations. The batik pattern was artfully integrated in between branded elements to bring layering and depth. The stamp within the cask illustration has also become a strong off-pack identity on brand touch points. The final design exquisitely represents the quality and cultural connection of this premium yet local whisky.