The dominance of a few traditional brands with high alcohol by volume (ABV) in Vietnam’s beer market can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, these brands have a long-standing history and strong brand loyalty among Vietnamese consumers. People often associate these traditional brands with the country’s rich cultural heritage and take pride in consuming them.

Secondly, the high ABV of these beers caters to the preferences of some consumers who seek a stronger and more potent alcoholic beverage. This preference may be tied to cultural and social norms, where consuming alcohol with a higher alcohol content is often seen as a symbol of strength and masculinity.

However, the beer market in Vietnam is evolving, and younger consumers are more inclined towards different preferences. They are looking for lighter and more refreshing options that can be enjoyed without the immediate impact on the following day. This desire can be attributed to various reasons.

Firstly, younger consumers are becoming more health-conscious and conscious of the negative effects of heavy drinking. They see the value in consuming lighter alcoholic beverages that allow them to socialise and have a good time without suffering from a hangover or feeling lethargic the next day.

In addition, changes in social dynamics and lifestyles have contributed to this shift in preferences. Younger consumers want to enjoy an evening out with friends or colleagues without compromising their productivity and well-being the next day. This desire for a more balanced lifestyle fuels the demand for lighter and lower-ABV beers.

Recognising this changing consumer demand, some breweries in Vietnam have started introducing lighter beer options to appeal to younger consumers. These beers are often marketed as refreshing and suitable for social gatherings without the negative effects of heavy drinking.

In conclusion, while traditional brands with high ABV have historically dominated Vietnam’s beer market, the preferences of younger consumers are gradually shifting towards lighter and more drinkable options. This shift is influenced by changing attitudes towards health and well-being, as well as the desire for a more balanced lifestyle. Breweries are responding to this demand by introducing lighter beer options that cater to the preferences of younger consumers and their desire to enjoy an evening out without impacting the next day.


Was to Create a brand for a new generation of health-conscious Vietnamese consumers. A harmonious blend of Premium Lager Beer and 100% Natural Fruit. Fermented at zero degrees, for extreme refreshment.


A strong brand icon was created in the form of a sunset made up of barley ears, the sunset being a metaphor for the drinking time occasion. To help balance the beer credentials, a strong word mark was crafted referencing the bold style ubiquitous to the category. The white and blue colour palette paired with fresh flavour colour helps support the brand’s easy-to-drink position. Modern icons were created to indicate the exotic ingredients.


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