Happiness for People & Planet: Branding & Packaging for the Sustainable Beet

Snow Donuts

Happiness for people & planet

Our hearts beat for blooming flowers, twittering birds, for healthy soil – on which sufficient food can be grown – and above all for good food for everyone. Now and in the future.

The solution to combating current challenges such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and soil degradation can be seen in making our food system and production methods more sustainable. If we want to provide future generations with sufficient healthy food and keep our planet livable, we have to change the way we produce and consume.

Doe een bietje meer!

The beet has taste, color and is packed with nutrients. We see the beet mainly as a symbol for local, healthy and good food, and therefore for happiness for people and the planet. Beets grow in Flevopolder, so only a few food miles are needed before they are on your plate.

Brand identity & Packaging Design

Snow Donuts has developed brand identity, packaging design, social media content, illustrations and website. Beautiful photography, accessible design, cozy and playful due to the spontaneous illustration style. The packaging design and brand identity jointly ensure that the consumer is inspired to buy and prepare deliciously colorful and above all healthy dishes!

From farm to fork

A tasty beetroot starts with a good base, and healthy cultivation is the most important thing for this. We have been growing red beets in the Flevopolder for more than twenty years. Less than 100 years ago, this area was all water. Our beet farmer Piet himself helped with the reclamation of Flevoland in the 1980s. Why are we telling you this? From the very beginning, only organic cultivation has been carried out, which makes the soil very fertile. The heavy clay soil is an excellent basis for the cultivation of beetroot and contributes to a balanced growth of the plants.

The solution is under our feet

  • capturing CO2 is not the only superpower of the soil
  • a fertile soil: contributes to greater biodiversity in our ecosystemcan
  • stores more water and thus reduce the risk of drought and flooding
  • helps to produce enough food for a growing world population


Snow Donuts


Director: Martijn Pabon
Creative Director: Helmich van Herpt
Senior Designers: Antonio Zugasti and Jennifer Wiseman
Junior Designer & Animator: Emiel Fabel
Project Manager: Wanda van der Voort
Photographer: Christian Fielden
Marketeer at Beetz BV: Greta Schrenk
Category Development Manager Beetz BV: Rinze Anne van der Sluis

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