A New Look for Luiten – Traditional, Family Owned Butcher

Snow Donuts

Family owned

Luiten is a family business with a passion for producing artisanal meat products. Their production process respects the working method of a traditional butcher’s shop, but is designed for large volumes and is fully certified.

In 1933 Theo Luiten opened a traditional butcher’s shop in The Hague, where he started cooking ham and roasting fricandeau and roast beef in the fifties. This was the beginning of the current production company for fresh meat products.

In 1961, his son Jan takes over the shop and in January 1973 also the production company. Expanding the range, among other things, with the then-unknown Filet Américain. His unwavering faith in this product and vision to always deliver the best quality are the foundation of the current company.

Taste, Quality and Innovation

Have been the core concept of Luiten since its foundation in 1933. The Value of Taste! is also based on that. Luiten has now grown into a specialist in successful, distinctive food concepts and supplies both Dutch and foreign customers. Experts in developing and producing grilled meats, spreadables and sausage.

The Master Key to unique recipes

SNOW DONUTS has given the company Luiten a new look. The name remains, but the appearance has been completely renewed. Ready for what the future has to hold. Recognisable to existing customers and striking to anyone who passes Luiten.

SNOW DONUTS has brought intrinsic quality and appearance of the entire Luiten brand and it’s products. Because the brand identity and packaging design have been fully implemented in all communications, no one in the chain can ignore Luiten.


Snow Donuts


Director: Martijn Pabon
Creative Director: Helmich van Herpt
Senior Designers: Antonio Zugasti and Jennifer Wiseman
Project Manager: Wanda van der Voort
Photographer: Christian Fielden
Office Manager bij Luiten B.V.: Monika Kurth

Luiten Vleeswaren