MontGras Handcrafted is the consequence of a constant search to create distinctive handmade products with a sense of origin, its a line of unique wines where five prestigious Chilean winemakers chose different valleys to create wines from uncommon, rare and different Chilean grape varieties to surprise consumers with innovative proposals. They are expressive, creative and are the winemakers’ answer to the passion for wine.

MontGras Handcrafted is a range of very unique wines elaborated on a small scale and with important points of differentiation from other Chilean wines. The specifications for vines, valleys and winemakers are… White Wine, Riesling, D.O. Mulchén Bío-Bío Valley by Santiago Margozzini. Red Wines, Pinot Noir Amaral Vineyard, D.O. Leyda Valley by Adolfo Hurtado, Cinsault D.O. Guarilihue Itata Valley by Alberto Antonini, Carignan D.O. Crucesillas Cauquenes Valley by Carla Dosque, Cabernet Franc Intriga Vineyard D.O. Linderos Maipo Valley by Cristián Correa.

This packaging is currently sold in Chile and is to be sold in the most important markets in which MontGras is presently focusing on Asia (China, Korea and Japan). Also, Brazil, the UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, and Paraguay.

Printed on Fasson Cuvee Maréele White paper 90gr with quadrichromy using digital technology on an HP Indigo 6900 machine and its finishing applications on a Digicon. Folia Gold Matte Luxor MTS 425 with die-cut, silkscreen varnish with mechanical relief and Mat UV protection varnish.

Handcrafted is a label printed on self-adhesive, uncoated, water-resistant Wet Strength paper. It is FSC certified, confirming the commitment to use raw materials from forests grown under responsible management. It is resistant to aging and ultraviolet light. Bordeaux Label Dimension: 10.5 x 8 cm. Burgundy Label Dimension: 8.5 x 9.7 cm. Wax capsule.

There has been a lot of visual research, both in artistic experimentation and in graphic exploration. Countless pieces of art were created, a considerable number of paintings required the correct fusion to produce tension and movement in each wine label. Each pair of art had to offer the design the certainty that the information on the label would be kept in the same place. All the typographic number games had to be different in a distinguished and integrative way.

The requirement and challenge were to create five different labels following a unifying graphic line. Two pieces of art were merged into each label with the five winemakers’ signatures and five different typographic games for each number. As result all the labels are highly expressive and boast a great personality to create a series with a restless, changing, and impetuous graphic for wines made of rare strains from different valleys located in different parts of Chile and harvested in 2020.


TEAM MEMBERS (2): Art direction and design: Ximena Ureta. Second designer: Francisca Furgones. Art: Ximena Ureta

IMAGE CREDITS: Image #1, #2, #3, #4, #5: Jorge Brantmayer.