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A Breed Apart
Crafted by Co-founder Samantha Edwards in her kitchen, New Breed is a plant-based, community-powered food brand. Based on 20 years of research in plant-based nutrition, New Breed offers a proprietary blend of pea, brown rice, and algae for a uniquely flavorful protein alternative. New Breed came to us to help translate their pairing of a plant-based healthy lifestyle and Caribbean flavors into a bold and ownable visual language.

Through education and a commitment to excellence, New Breed has inspired people to smoothly transition to a plant-based diet for over a decade. Authentic recipes, a balance of tasty and healthy ingredients, and a nod to Caribbean heritage makes this brand stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

We introduced New Breed to a vast target audience through mouth-watering photography, bold Caribbean-inspired colors, playful leaf graphics, and a friendly wordmark. By promoting not just healthy habits but also eating for pleasure and sharing a meal with others, New Breed continues to inspire customers.

We removed the “meat” from the brand mark to put the focus on the plant-based quality of the brand rather than selling a meat-like imitation. By updating the letters from a masculine, tightly condensed typeface to a rounder, friendlier one, the brand becomes warm and welcoming. The playful leaf also gives a quick nod to the brand’s commitment to a plant-based lifestyle.

Close-up shots look good enough to eat while bold Caribbean-inspired colors help the packaging pop and communicate the balance of healthy and tasty meals. Melting cheese, juicy burgers, and delectable sauces provide easily identifiable appetite appeal. The bold elements blend well together for a strong shelf presence and unforgettable brand recognition.

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Olio Studio


Photographer: Elysa Weitala

Food Stylist: Victoria Woollard

Copywriter: The Imagineering Company

New Breed