Tummy Town is a multi-cuisine Veg. restaurant with all things Mumbai at its core. They approached us for its branding, store designing and social media creatives. We carefully analysed the restaurant’s concept, mission, vision, demographics to which it catered and unique value proposition. For the logo, we decided to make it text-heavy with subtle food-related elements. This simple, playful design is minimalistic and very approachable. The addition of the fork and spoon to the logo brings forth emotions of delicacies waiting to be savoured.

The expressive font was specially created for the brand. The visual elements, colour palette and other components were chosen carefully to create a distinct upbeat identity. For its branding, we wanted to convey the restaurant’s personality and identity.  We devised a well-thought store design, menu creation and social media initiatives that created an emotional connection with the brand. Clad in a vibrant decor and doused in typical Mumbai-related elements like famous dialogues, dishes etc, Tummy Town exudes an energetic and a mumbaiya feel that’s sure to hit the chord of guests.