Baman Bakers – Rebranding


Baman Bakers is a classic Iranian bakery famous for Brun pav, bread and mawa cakes. They approached us for its rebranding, store designing and social media creatives.

We carefully analysed the bakery’s concept, mission, vision, demographics to which it catered and unique value proposition.

For the logo, we decided to make it text-heavy and artsy. We gave it a lot of movement, twirls and twists to make it iconic. The logo is a representation of all things elaborate, energetic, eclectic and spirited.

As it’s a century-old bakery, we decided to weave a Parsi touch into the brand to highlight the ancestral roots of the bakery. We incorporated Parsi characters aka human figures along with impacts and quirky call outs. We built an amazing story around the brand to captivate the buyers.

The visual elements, colour palette and other components were chosen carefully to create a distinct cozy and welcoming identity.

The choice of brown hues accentuated the warmth that one associate with bakery products. We used the bakery logo on packaging stationery, kitchen utensils and accessories. This is a great way to ensure a cohesive design and a brand that customers will recognise and remember.

For its branding, we wanted to convey the iconic and distinctive Parsi community spirit. Parsis are welcoming and full of life. We devised a well-thought store design, menu creation and social media initiatives that evoked a sense of nostalgia.

We also created branded stickers of the bakery shop with customized illustrations, dingbats, messages, etc.

Encased in classic soothing decor and drenched in subtle hints of flavours and warmth, Baman Bakers stands for a breath of fresh air for all brun pav lovers.