The Fresh Press is a cold-pressed juice and health food shop that uses premium organic ingredients to provide necessary provisions to replace fast food with convenient healthy food. The Fresh Pres does this by creating products that will not only be beneficial for you but will also encourage you to live better. The ultimate goal is the creation of a lighthearted company that has only the best in mind for its clients.

With extensive research and brainstorming, we were able to create a unique visual identity for the brand in the saturated market. The branding approach by Blackcurrant was to impart a distinctive brand identity in alignment with the client’s core beliefs. We have made sure to give a positive introduction and a pleasant unboxing experience by incorporating arrays of vibrant colours, iconic shapes and typography triggering emotional engagement. We have been actively involved right from the conceptualization of branding ideas to the choice of packaging options.

We designed a logo that transmitted the process of creating pressed juice with a simple visual language that conveyed the organic value of juices through typography, text and elegant branding of all materials.

Our proposal has at its core brand’s altruistic philosophy while bringing attention to the hand-made aspect of the food and juices they produce. The brand is amicable, simple but well crafted, maintaining an almost monochromatic scheme to achieve balance. With this in mind, we created: a large set of illustrations, typographic arrangements, icons, stamps and stickers; all of which are intermixed on the packing.