Ceres Foods is a legacy in the ready-to-cook food segment envisioned by the dynamic entrepreneur, Deb Mukherjee. Thriving under the ambit of Ceres Hospitality, Ceres food is a prestigious name in providing a stellar food experience for ease of consumption with its wide range of ready to cook meals and handmade sauces.  We have enabled Ceres foods to maintain a strong position in the convenience food market. With extensive research and brainstorming, we were able to create a unique visual identity for the brand in the saturated market.

The branding approach by Blackcurrant was to impart a distinctive brand identity in alignment with Ceres’ core belief. We have made sure to give a positive introduction and a pleasant unboxing experience by incorporating arrays of vibrant colours, iconic shapes and typography triggering emotional engagement.  We have been actively involved right from the conceptualization of branding ideas to the choice of packaging options. We have cultivated compelling brand messages for Ceres Foods with our visually stunning designs optimized for different packaging options. Our visual strategy for Ceres Foods is an outcome of extensive research and planning to breed customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ceres Foods offers a portfolio of curated brands and assist in turning your brand idea into reality. Ceres hospitality is your trusted partner at every step in driving standardisation and profitability across the foodservice value chain and co-creating your unique path to success.