Victoria Brand Revitalization & Package Redesign

Biondo Group

Stamford, CT, USA

Biondo Group modernized this iconic Italian-American brand with a bright, simple architecture that separates the line from competitors on-shelf and online while also expressing Victoria® ‘s unique story.

The package redesign brings focus to the updated logo which is locked into an enhanced and more vibrant rendition of brand’s ownable  “gondola imagery” as well as the promise “Ingredients Come First”; this mantra is echoed on the gold cap.

According to Charles Biondo, founder of Biondo Group, the key creative challenge lay in making Victoria® relevant in today’s environment, while actually enhancing the brand’s tie to its old-world roots and authentic taste.

“We protected the valuable equities in gold, red and cream, but selected modern hues and graphics – which allowed us inject life into the Venetian illustration and place greater emphasis on ingredient and flavor call-outs,” said Biondo.

The hierarchy is complimented with a color-coded system that clearly differentiates the 9 flavors. Distinct color coding on labels and caps clearly differentiate flavor and increase shop-ability.