Biondo Group

Stamford, CT, USA

Biondo Group – Visual Image & Package Design for CBD Mocktail

Biondo Group partnered with global cannabis-lifestyle leader Tilray Brands to create an inspirational visual identity for their product launch into the rapidly emerging CBD alcohol-adjacent market.

With an initial four-flavor offering, Happy Flower was developed to meet young professionals’ increasing demand for healthier alternatives to alcohol – including CBD beverages. CBD does not produce the euphoric “high” sensation associated with cannabis and occurs with THC.

“Happy Flower called for a unique, bold package. We wanted the consumer to be proud to hold a can in their hands – to make a statement about who they were at a party or activity,” said Charles Biondo, CEO & founder of Biondo Group.

The creative challenge lay in creating a look that expresses Happy Flower’s upbeat personality while still communicating the brand’s better-for-you attributes and clear differentiation from related segments that give a “high” sensation – such as RTD cocktails with alcohol and cannabis drinks with THC.

The team designed an eye-catching logo with natural texture to support the brand’s pure, botanical qualities. An abstract interpretation of a hemp leaf is used as a prominent, ownable device that unifies the system into an effective “block.” Cheerful, uplifting colors with a soft, calming glow were selected to convey the Happy Flower’s promise to “provide a healthy way to relax and unwind without impacting tomorrow.”

Happy Flower’s initial four cocktail-like flavors – Margarita, Mojito, Peach Bellini, and Strawberry Daiquiri – are represented with unique, appetite-appealing colors that help the line-up stand out. Each flavor is available in a 4-pack.

Additionally, this design for Happy Flower has won recognition from Graphic Design USA’s 2023 American Package Design Awards and is also a 2023 NYX Awards Marcom International Gold Award winner.