Ljubljana, Slovenia

Agrosloven is a Slovene brand focused on CBD products with a firm belief that the best comes from Mother Earth itself. In the age of global digitalisation they are turning back to nature. Creating with responsibility to society and the Slovenian land, with respect for the long tradition of agriculture and thinking about the future at the same time.

Calming, nurturing and bright visual identity reflect exact such effects of enjoying hemp products. In communication, the brand does not focus on the problems it solves but the positive effect it brings. Logo reveals brand’s own production from seed to the final product, which is depicted in the sower. In his background is Slovene’s highest mountain Triglav, which can be seen from Agrosloven’s fields and points out the local origin and production of the products. The color scheme symbolises calmness, touch with nature and the release of creativity enjoying CBD products brings.



Ljubljana, Slovenia

Client: Agrosloven

Art Direction & Design: Vida Igličar

Web Developer: Roland Bukovnik​​​​​​​

Copywriter: Nika Arsovski

Photography & Styling: Manca Jevšček

Product photography: Andraž Muljavec