Brugmannlaan 12A, 1060 Sint-Gillis, België

ALBATROS Canned Fish, Branding & Packaging Design by DesignRepublic

Albatros is one of the canned fish brands of the CBG Group, house of good food, a Belgian family-owned business importing and distributing food and non-food products.

For quite some time the brand Albatros was in their portfolio, and in 2020 CBG felt the time was right to give the Albatros brand a new élan.

The briefing they gave to DesignRepublic mentioned the following : the positioning should stay ‘private label’, meaning that this brand is intended for retailers who are not having their own private label in this category. Albatros should be positioned in the market as an accessible brand, reflecting good quality with an attractive pricing.

We translated this briefing into a kind of ‘mini storytelling’ using a lighthouse and seagulls. For the rest we applied a clear color coding between the different products. In this way the packaging is attractive, accessible and colorful while we could avoid extra costs for photography and illustrations.

Another happy tasing from CBG, the house of good food, by DesignRepublic

For the CBG Group we previously redesigned the Elvea tomato range and the Bonner dried fruits range.