AKKO – conscious familywear


Brugmannlaan 12A, 1060 Sint-Gillis, België

AKKO – conscious family wear – branding & packaging design by DesignRepublic

Brigitte, entrepreneur and head of family business ‘Baby on Top’, contacted DesignRepublic for a complete revolution of her brand. Her online brand ‘Baby on Top’ was doing great: in no time huge online sales were generated of baby and children’s turbans. Constantly adding new collections, worldwide shipping, and great online support by an attractive website and social media campaigns did the trick.

But Brigitte, as a real INSEAD executive MBA entrepreneur, wanted more. The idea was to broaden her offer with more kids and adults’ clothing, first to teenagers, women and in a later stage maybe men. So clearly the name of the company did not cover the offer anymore.

Also, as the company is only selling online, Brigitte attached great importance to the actual packaging of the clothing: how nice it is to receive a beautiful box or bag in your mailbox with a great wrapping and a personalized message.

As a new name for her company Brigitte choose ‘AKKO’. This name sounds neutral, is not too childish, not too feminine nor masculine and has a strong link to her own family name. To give the name more meaning we added  ‘conscious familywear’ to reflect the values of her company: ‘AKKO – conscious family wear stands for qualitative clothing fabricated with a strong eco-responsible anchorage.

For the look and feel of the box we used a personal characteristic of Brigitte: we wanted to express her introverted side by a beautiful simple outside of the box, while expressing her extravert side by the extravagant, colorful and happy inside of the box and the wrapping.

The transition from the old brand to the new brand happens step by step as you can follow on her social media.