Dug is an innovative plant-based vegan milk alternative made from potatoes, developed in collaboration with Lund University in Sweden. It is quite a game changer: deliciously creamy and perfectly suitable for hot and cold use, in addition to being the most sustainable alternative in the market. It is superior to both dairy and all of the other plant-based milk alternatives in terms of land effectivity, water use and carbon footprint.

The main challenge was how to make potatoes palatable and appealing to drink. Unlike most other plant-based milk substitute ingredients, we don’t think of them as milky or sweet, and can hardly picture them in a full glass or in a cup of coffee. It was obvious that getting people to drink potatoes was going to be tricky, and for this we had the choice to hide or to forefront them – and we chose the latter, embracing potatoes and their humble underground roots fully.

For a real standout design solution, we opted for busting category codes. No milky white packaging here – rich, dark base colours chosen for each variety gives an elevated feeling as it conveys the product’s richness and premium positioning. The minimalist brand identity conveys swirling creaminess. Clear and understandable icons are used to support the brand’s sustainable credentials.