Smack Bang

Sydney NSW, Australia

Smack Bang were tasked with concepting a modern beauty brand for wellness entrepreneur Keira Rumble, the founder of wellbeing destination, Krumbled, and owner of Beauty Bites, another successful brand we’ve had the pleasure of building.

As the beauty market continues to dominate and expand, consumers are increasingly demanding 360° approaches that provide holistic solutions founded in real innovation and genuine inclusivity. Keira’s new venture, Habitual Beauty, answers this calling with high-performing, multi-functioning skincare and supporting supplements designed to streamline your routine and supercharge your skin.

Habitual Beauty needed full-service brand development, which meant we delivered the Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Digital, Packaging, Copywriting and Creative Content.

Smack Bang

Sydney NSW, Australia

Creative Director: Tess Robinson

Art Director: Katie Shepherd

Designer: Imogen Frost

Project Manager: Drou Angelides

Photographer: Lucy Alcron

Keira Rumble