Smack Bang

Sydney NSW, Australia

Giddy Citizen, a memorable lifestyle brand with proud Australian roots, creating feel-good products for everyday people within the wellness space. With quality at the forefront, Giddy Citizen products are powered by probiotics—super-charged, clean and cultured.

With a brief to parlay their purpose into a powerhouse brand, we set out to encapsulate the very essence of Giddy Citizen’s playful nature whilst highlighting their authority in the modern wellness space. We presented an actionable and user-friendly strategy with a tone of warmth and inclusivity at every touchpoint, assuring customers their needs are not only understood but positioned at the heart of the Giddy Citizen offering.

A custom-illustrated hero character presents a unique, eye-catching mascot with an infectious spirit to boot. A bold wordmark seeks to match the punch of flavour found in Giddy Citizen products, with a soft edge that feels both friendly and inviting.

The result is a thoughtfully considered brand identity elevating a unique brand voice in the wellness space that feels as comforting as it does exciting—delivering serious results in the silliest way.


Smack Bang

Sydney NSW, Australia
Creative Director: Tess Robinson
Illustrator: Aley Wild
Art Director: Katie Shepherd
Art Director: Scott Wrightson
Designer: Imogen Frost
Photographer: Lucy Alcorn
Animator: The Funktion
Project Manager: Elodie Kongasiou
Giddy Citizen