Heraia – Commercial EVO Oil Line


Via Guerrieri, 95, 94012 Barrafranca EN, Italia

Biancolilla, Etna’s Nocellara, Cerasuola, Leucolea, Moresca and Tonda Iblea are the olive indigenous cultivars on the core of our premium evo oil line.

We respect the ancient know-how to make powerful olive oil and safeguard the natural environment. The olives are collected by hand after reaching their aging, then they are moved to an olive oil factory to be cleaned carefully and cold-pressured by 24 hours. The process takes place in a continuous-cycle system at an average temperature of 20°/22°. The olive oil then follows a decanting period of 4 months until it reaches the right sedimentation of the oil and the moisture. Our Evo oil is unfiltered. It is bottled in dark bottles to preserve its nutrition properties.

Bianchetta is a tribute to the Sicilian Hinterlands environment;

Iannusa is a tribute to the Gorgon, Medusa;

Pandora is a tribute to the Chaos generated from the opening of Pandora Box;

Tunna is a tribute to Ceto, the primordial goddess of sea creatures;



Via Guerrieri, 95, 94012 Barrafranca EN, Italia

Photographer: Luca Vitello

Style Artist: Bice Guastella

Design: Calogero Giunta