Bases is the most recent addition to Eliana Glover’s baking empire. Off the back of her success with Hill St Wholefoods, Eliana launched Bases to revolutionise a stagnant, antiquated and traditionally conventional category.

Bases takes inspiration from the good ol’ days of baking — the days before hard to pronounce ingredients, endless preservatives and additives, and all that complicated, convoluted nonsense that made bake mix ingredients sound more like science experiments than adventures to the Land of Yum.

Smack Bang worked with the founding team to realise a brand that aims to transform the bake mix category into something that’s both exciting and resonant with the modern baker who has grown tired and uninspired of the spiritless bake mixes available.

Our strategic and creative team were tasked with the brief to encourage the Aussie market to take a leap of faith, and try their new and exciting product, directly from the shelves of Aussie Woolworths.

Whilst we knew that a great product wins early adopters, it’s the brand and subsequent campaign creative that wins the mainstream. Our campaign emerged directly from the connotations we all have of the joy of baking — Connecting with loved ones in the delight of comfort food as your tastebuds and tummies sing with pure joy. Our campaign creative captured that moment whilst realising a campaign that acted as a bold invitation to engage with a dynamic, category-shifting brand in a way that was both friendly and vividly exciting.

The result of our strategic approach, coupled with a dynamic photoshoot, copywriting and animation is a bold gesture that has been deployed across a range of different touchpoints to introduce the Bases brand as the brave category challenger that it is. We are honoured to champion this brand, having been a part of its inception, to now being the creative partners heralding its journey into mainstream grocery aisles.

With an exciting opportunity to branch out from their motherland of NZ, 2021 saw Bases stocked across 400 Australian Woolworths stores. As their creative partners since inception, Smack Bang were tasked with concepting and executing their launch campaign to help establish them in a brand new market.

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