Bullet Train is the latest undertaking from U.S Based Cannabis Company and long-term client, Justice Cannabis Co. After completing the identities for their four new ventures, our team set out to craft a game-changing brand that broke the industry rules for a market of experienced cannabis users bored by existing offerings.

Bullet Train is the go-to for strong concentrates, specifically made to satisfy the needs of those chasing an out-of-this-world cannabis experience — To ride the Bullet Train is the ultimate plant-powered vacation to a new dimension. It’s the high grade adventure aid. It’s the bright night and deep flight. It’s the mind melter, brain belter. It’s the journey to a future, crafted entirely by a brand that is as potent as its product.

Tasked with building a premium brand that authentically represented Bullet Train’s top-shelf product and heightened brand experience, our team developed the foundational brand strategy, identity, packaging system, tone of voice, brand language and copy.

We rolled out an all-embracing visual and verbal identity dripping in ‘out-of-this-world’ references that transports it’s consumers to new dimensions, giving them permission to journey on the Bullet Train to a deeper state of self —whatever that might look like for the individual.

Led by the abilities of the concentrates to facilitate transitions into space-like states through “extra celestial cannabis”, the classic smiley icon has been playfully reimagined with a planetary ring, while logo and imagery appear to glitch and warp as representations of the alternate realities and sense of time travelling that users of Bullet Train can experience.

In devising an unmistakably galactic colour palette and using spatial distortion and fractal and starburst light patterns, we’ve created a Brand Identity that presents as a powerful visualisation of the product experience.