Mesenasi biscuits for children

Hollóka Grafikai Műhely / Graphic Design Studio

Budapest, Magyarország

Mesenasi is an oval, scalloped-edged piece of biscuit for children. They are handmade in a manufacturing business, using exclusive ingredients from Hungarian, ecologically-tested raw materials (tönkölywheat – is a special Hungarian kind of wheat, oat, hippophae, forest fruits, millet-flour). You can see some animals on the biscuits, that can be found in the Hungarian forests like rabbits, foxes, bears, owls. They are special because a story belongs to each biscuit and the story is about the animal that is shown on it. The biscuits become fabulous not only because of the tales but also because of the expedient ingredients.

When the package was created, the focus was on the protection of the environment. It can be closed without any glue. In its inner cover, some pieces were planned that can be cut and children can play with them later and a memory-game is inside, too. It can completely be recycled. The biscuits packages are different, depending on their taste: hippophae is yellow, red fruit taste is pink. Another important option was to let the biscuits easily removable, they can be easily taken out from the box, so the package is slightly opening.