Rawvelo Sports Nutrition – New identity and packaging


The Old Treacle Factory, 24-40 Goodwin Road

We partnered with Rawvelo to deliver a new Strategy & Positioning, Brand Identity, Art Direction and Packaging for the sports nutrition specialists.

When a client comes to you with a great product, it makes it easier to pull out the core brand truths and reset the narrative to fit the founders original purpose. Great natural ingredients, with proper provenance.

With a market motivated largely by feeling healthier and personal goals. Rawvelo’s offering is 100% organic and vegan, a game-changer in a category largely dominated by sudo-science and lab made products. By no means does this imply that the product varies from it competitors. Healthy and effective go hand in hand. 100% Organic, 100% Effective. Naturally.

The concept for the bold visual direction for the packaging was derived from the data and infographics that athletes create through exercise apps and platforms. These forms are combined with ingredient colour gradients to create abstracted graphic devices. There’s art in the data.

Both the visual and copy direction for the brand was built around the goals that drive us. We speak with the consumer, not at them. That knowing nod to the motivations and the journey to get there. No bulging muscles, sweaty clichés and winning line smiles. Rawvelo is there for the hard days, that make the easy days.


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