This work is designed for #Belgium

In designing this product, many parameters had to be considered. At first, this product had many competitors in the world, both in terms of product quality, design, overall product costs, and specially printed materials.

To reduce the packaging costs of this product, this packaging should be printed based on the material on the pouch box with kraft paper and in a single color, and to separate different weights, labels with different colors were used. It is important that the material of this pouch box is used for the first time in the world in rice packaging made of complete bio and recyclable in nature.

Also, in order to have a greater impact on the audience, a window was installed for the product to be seen on it. Different colors should not be used in the design of this product, rice or paddy fields should not be used. It should be completely general. It was quite minimal and …, this was really one of the hardest and best things I designed because I had to show different parameters without different parameters.

This work was very well received by the Belgian market