Tanishtha Pai

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

We, the people of India live on the holy land of fairs and festivals, and just like our diversified nation, our festivals are an amalgamation of vivid tradition, culture, folk stories and religion.

Celebration of a festival is not limited to a community or two, who are celebrating it as per their traditional values & culture; but it also extends to the home of the person who was able to earn his livlihood making sweets & colours, without which the festival would’ve lost its beauty & charm.

With ‘Sabke Rang’ Herbal Colours, we take inspiration from the diversity and cultural harmony of this beautiful country we call India.

As you put these colours on the faces of your loved ones, remember to take a minute and acknowledge the unknown hands who were able to craft these beautiful experiences for you.

Tanishtha Pai

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Packaging Designed by: Tanishtha Pai

Photographed by: @photosbytripty

Conceptualized and created by @21fools

21 Fools