Suleyman Bagdat

The new shampoo series of our brand, which has many products in the herbal and halal product category, is on sale in many countries, especially in Turkey.

Short description:

It should be a design where plants and naturalness are at the forefront, far from chemical shampoo classics, looks clean and people do not have negative thoughts about the product content.

It shouldn’t be difficult to implement for any new product.

The distinction between products should be very clear.

As in other shampoos, vector images, shapes, hair images should not be.

Colors should be in pastel tones and in tones related to the images.

In summary, in parallel;

We have divided the design very clearly into two.

The bottom part consists entirely of background color, product illustration and product name to distinguish products from each other.

We used the logo and, in some places, gold gilding to make the product strong and break the perception of cheap products.