Downtown Reserves

the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria,

A different point of view for Downtown Reserves

Downtown Urban Winery is one of the most exciting recent projects. Though I started working on their designs for Reserves in late 2020, we were able to print them in early 2022. It wasn’t a time spent only in waiting – I did some improvements on my work while the whole project fermented for over a year in my thoughts.

With this design, I was aiming to get maximum exposure to the winery name as well as their logo. I also wanted to make the label very different from their other design. We went through different proposals but we finally decided that we need strong and visible typography on our bottle and we were confident with our current choice. I was convinced we should have looked modern and decided to play with Sofia Sans by Lettersoup. I have already used this typeface in my previous label designs for Downtown so it was really logical to continue with it here. This whole type family perfectly matched the modern look I was looking for. The plane smoother logo was a great addition to the whole composition. To enhance its meaning my mates from Daga Printing House printed it with a very strong gold doming effect which makes it a real eye candy.

The heading letters were overprinted with transparent raised varnish to make them shine on the shelf. The background is printed with a double black ink layer and sealed with soft-touch laminate. The bottle is very heavy and strong which somehow makes the label look even better on it. There are now two wines in this Reserves range but I believe this will change through the years and vintages.