Bowery Farming’s Earth Month

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Rewild: Nessen Co Designs Earth Month Packaging for Bowery Farming’s Partnership With The Nature Conservancy

For Earth Month 2022, Bowery Farming has partnered with The Nature Conservancy to raise awareness about what is at stake when arable land, land suitable to become farmland, is lost to agriculture. Bowery, which grows its produce indoors in vertical farms, has pledged to restore 50 acres of land in partnership with the Nature Conservancy and is using its shelf space in over 1,000 stores, including Whole Foods and Walmart, to feature some of the animal species threatened by the loss of this land. Designed by Nessen Co, the month-long “Rewild” packaging takeover features cutouts in the shape of six animals native to longleaf pine forests. Some like the Gopher Tortoise are currently endangered, while others like the Louisiana Black Bear are a success story, having recently been removed from the endangered species list due to conservation efforts. The pack design also pairs Bowery’s brand green with a swath of light blue to evoke the colors of Planet Earth.

Dedicated to protecting the environment all year long, Bowery Farming’s indoor, vertical farms are 100 times more productive than a traditional farm of the same size, save millions of gallons of water over traditional irrigation, and eliminates the application of harmful pesticides. Because these farms are located right outside of urban centers, not only do they provide fresher produce with a smaller carbon footprint, but all the land that would otherwise become farmland is allowed to remain wild. In late spring 2022, Bowery will roll out updated packaging reducing its use of plastic by nearly 50%.


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Nessen Co


Studio: Nessen Co

Designer: Phillip Nessen


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