Nessen Co

Just in time for summer, leading coconut water brand Vita Coco has released its first-ever juice. Inspired by the enthusiasm and human warmth of hand-painted signage, the packaging design by Nessen Co seeks to evoke the tropics without relying on tired tropical packaging tropes. Balancing contemporary design and traditional influences, the packaging uses custom typography in various styles stacked atop each other on a clean white background and subtle, hand-paint textures that add an imperfect charm. Each product features unique folk-art-inspired ingredient illustrations that one would expect to find painted on the side of a bodega. Available in both coconut pulp and mango flavors, Vita Coco Juice will be sold in convenience stores like 7-Eleven on the East Coast and Southeast and contains coconut water responsibly sourced from small family farms.

Nessen Co is a Brooklyn-based brand design, strategy, and packaging studio that builds work engineered to succeed in a busy world. They do this using data, psychology, experience in the complex world of manufacturing and distribution, and cultural literacy.


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