Brutine – Packaging & Brand Design

Nessen Co

Brutine – Packaging & Brand Design by Nessen Co

Brutine, created by a third-generation tea merchant, explores a world of unexpected flavor combinations while appealing to modern consumers with natural flavors and ingredients, antioxidants, and low calorie counts.

The Brutine team tapped Nessen Co to create packaging and branding that captures both the fun of flavor and the promise of a healthy beverage. Speaking to the innocence of what’s inside, the drink’s clean white packaging takes inspiration from vintage children’s books like Harold and the Purple Crayon and the Mr. Men books.

The pack features clean but light-hearted typography and playfully stippled marker illustrations colored with stripes that evoke the unexpected flavors within. Brutine’s initial rollout features four excitingly flavored beverages distributed in the Northeast and online.

Curator’s Insight

The stippled marker illustrations with colorful stripes are like the scribbles of a kid who’s excited to share their latest creation and each illustration on the packaging nicely complements the vibrant hues of the different flavors.