Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Jivo is a category leader in cooking oils in India.

They were to launch new Wheatgrass-based beverage in a variety of flavours.

But there was a big roadblock.

Undesirable flavour perception of Wheatgrass!

Wheatgrass is a much lauded Superfood which makes it a powerhouse of healthy energy to be consumed in a quick easy manner. But its flavour is considered bitter & dull, akin to a medicinal herb. Beverage brands with healthier ingredients have been doing the same dull-mundane for a long time in the Indian market. For us, this was the opportunity to be different!

We went beyond being just another beverage to acquire a new product category; of being a ‘Super Juice’, leveraging on our bottle & packaging design to craft a unique visual impact. A visually different colour palette is defined for each flavour, associated with the ingredients and the emotional traits of each flavour.

The typography was crafted to translate our chosen brand messaging strongly, add character and uniquely stand out bringing greater symphony & consistency to visual design.

Our design translation across primary packaging led to multi-fold product pickup from shelves breaking the perception barrier of Wheatgrass.

Above all, JIVO Wheatgrass brought a flavourful smile on the faces of our patrons.