baries design GmbH

Rosenstraße 10, 40479 Düsseldorf, Deutschland

In 2022 the new design for the global family brand Schauma was launched, created by baries design located in Düsseldorf. The designers developed a fresh and new brand identity with a unified yet strong minimalistic look.

The main aim was to strengthen the Value for Money brand in such a way that even in the bottom shelf the product would draw the consumer’s attention. This was achieved with a new simplicity and a clear architecture: the new monochrome bottle design (shapedesign by bwd products) goes hand in hand with an equally new, oversized visualisation of the ingredient.

From an aesthetic point of view, it was necessary to create a consistent colour scheme to calm the entire portfolio. Additionally, the use of up to 100% recycled materials makes the new Schauma much more sustainable.

To convey emotionality and authenticity, the key aspect of the brand – the foam – was integrated into the brand logo for the first time ever, as Schaum means foam in German. Additionally, when the product is first noticed and paid attention to, the playful back design grabs the buyer’s attention and creates a bond between product and the consumer.