DIW print

Turbínová 1, 831 04 Bratislava-Nové Mesto, Slovakia

ahax100 is a special collection of folk patterns with stories from their holders collected by Slovak graphic designer Tomáš Kompaník in an extraordinary publication.

One hundred uniquely processed sheets with distinct embroideries from one hundred Slovak villages are put together in a special design box.

The sheets are hand-picked and put together in a premium box, along with a hand-sewn brochure, made from 290g Sirio Color Nero and 120g Arena Natural Rough. The box is covered with 100g Savile Row Tweed Aubergine paper with cotton and textile fibers, which create a tweed fabric structure. It is decorated with a matte metallic foil stamping of an excerpt from the book.

Design: Tomáš Kompaník – ahaslovakia.sk

Paper: Fedrigoni

Print: DIW print