DIW print

Turbínová 1, 831 04 Bratislava-Nové Mesto, Slovakia

Slovak brand of natural cosmetics Mylo printed two types of their sustainable product packaging with us!

Mylo soap boxes are a unique print project, despite the fact they are eco-friendly and have a minimalistic design. The box was made by sticking a kraft paper to a cardboard, which resulted in a coated corrugated cardboard. The result looks very natural and it may seem that the box is made out of a carboard, not from a combination of two types of materials. This specific type of packaging was chosen to provide extra protection for the products inside.

Mylo Flora boxes are as eco-friendly, as they can be! They are fully recyclable and constructed in a way they do not need to be glued. We minimised the amount of waste from the production by limiting the printed areas and colors used.

Compostable paper, minimal print and the absence of glue lets their customers throw the box in their compost after opening!