A major manufacturer of dietary supplements made from natural mineral zeolite with the addition of other healing organic substances.


Create a modern and functional visual design Systematize information and place the most important information on the front side of the package Propose a new constructive packaging solution for the entire product line, taking into account its physical and chemical characteristics and economic costs in production.


When creating a new concept, the old type of packaging (bottles) was replaced with a new one (day bags). Such packaging is suitable for storing all types of dietary supplements (granules, powder, tablets) and is more economical.

When creating a new visual communication, the metaphor “to be in harmony” was taken. Food supplements support the body’s metabolism, maintain harmony in life and support health.

To convey this idea, a harmonious composition was used in the design, with smooth lines and plenty of white background. The accent figure also mimics the substance molecule and has one local color to differentiate the products of the entire line. On the front side of the package, information is organized and a clear hierarchy is built; all this allows the consumer to easily read it and navigate the assortment.

A new modern logo was also developed for the new concept, in which the letter O also symbolizes balance and harmony.