Victorinox Signature Collection


Carrer de Joan d'Àustria, 126, 08018 Barcelona, España

After 15 successful years in the market, Victorinox brand best known for their popular Swiss army knives, decided to relaunch their whole fragrance collection. After passing the first contest phase, we were finally selected to develop and inaugurate this new era with them thanks to our narrative approach and storytelling.

Along with the re-design of Victorinox Heritage Collection, we were also commissioned to make the re-design of their Signature Collection. For this range we intended to capture their brand essence, portray their Swiss roots, and reinforce their fresh, modern and adventurous identity. These fragrances are inspired by the unpolished and authentic intensity of nature elements such as steel and rock.

The old perfume bottles had different sizes so we unified them, therefore together they would look like a product family. We included the characteristic Victorinox shield to the bottle caps and added the iconic red background inside the packaging, both common elements to connect every brand product.