Design Concepts from the WC&Co. Archives: Good design masters the current moment, while the great design is timeless. Take a dive into the WC&Co. archives with this concept work for Eight O’clock Coffee. Created over 10 years ago, these designs stand the test of time by bringing a modern twist to a classic brand. Established in 1919, Eight O’clock Coffee’s look and feel was tired and “old-fashioned”. Looking to stand out in the ever-growing coffee market, the brand asked for a visual evolution that maintained the product’s dependability alongside emotional cues of excitement. WC&Co. reimagined this heritage brand with concepts that merged retro with traditional, taking inspiration from Italian travel posters and simplicity of modern design.

Pulled from the cutting room floor, these designs strategically use abstraction and minimalism to visually communicate the brand essence; a reliable cup of coffee. While not all great designs reach activation, we still celebrate and appreciate the process, even 10 years later.