Wegmans Tonic Water


In their new line of premium drink mixers, the Wegman’s private label brand looked to explore designs that would communicate both an uplifting and sophisticated tone on pack.

The uncertainty of the recent year has led many consumers to look for familiarity and sentimental moments of nostalgia. Keeping this in mind alongside trends in the modern craft space, WC&Co.’s design approach took a modern spin on what it means to be ‘classic’. WC&Co. delivered with strategic design that uses vintage touches in both the graphics and typeface. With inspiration that ranged from speak-easy bohemia to modern-day apothecary, the Wegman’s brand design is an eyecatcher on shelf. The detailed linework and water-color background communicate premium craft brought to you by the Wegman’s brand. Using textures, layers, and thoughtful typeface, this design not only brings these classic products to life, but also strengthens the private label brand itself.




Chief Creative Officer, Stan Church

Executive Creative Director, John Bruno

Senior Designer, Madeline Simon

Illustration/Lettering, Frank Castaldi