Almazara de Muela

In Spirit Design

28 Cr du Maréchal Foch, 33000 Bordeaux, France

Product branding and packaging for Almazara de Muela, a Priego de Córdoba PDO extra virgin olive oil

Almazara de Muela is a confidential oil, initially reserved for the farmers, mill masters, the factory staff and their families. Everyone who is part of the Muela mill shares a secret. A very well kept secret.

This product was so far available for direct sale in the shop of the factory. The challenge was to reveal the unique story of the brand through a new packaging design (logo, bottle, label, secondary packaging), in order to expand the clientele while celebrating existing customers.

The new, more modern & cheerful design pays tribute to the producers of Almazara de Muela and, at the same time, invites to discover their secret.

Like taken out from a fairy tale, the illustration mixes in a fluid way -representing the oil-, the careful labor of men and women with the natural elements and a message to the consumers.

The new exclusive 5L bottle highlights the naturalness of the product. We sculpted the shape with a large central olive leaf, sublimating the bottle while bringing several good gripping areas.