We have created a unique and eye-catching bottle design for our client Premier Wines & Spirits Wilder is a herbal liqueur, produced in limited editions in Zámecká palírna (brewery) Blatná in the south of the Czech Republic during the design phase we considered mainly the client’s requirement to include a wolf emblem.We embarked on the exciting journey of seeking the expression and character of a wild beast. The other key factor was the composition and history of the liqueur. The recipe came about already in 1952.

In Czechoslovakia, this was an era perceived very negatively. The period of nationalisation and cruel communist normalisation affected even the then-invented recipe of this herbal liqueur. As a celebration of the freedom gained after the revolution in 1989, this liqueur is finally being launched onto the market, long overdue. A wolf is a symbol of freedom. It is also a wild animal, untameable, not built for captive life and ready to fight to the death for its freedom. We strived for a design, which will loudly proclaim and emphasise this freedom on the very first contact. And since the main ingredient is wild rose-hip, we naturally chose a bold red colour, also a reference to the communist regime. Technologically, we opted for a matt red spraying of the bottle and a white minimalist print of the logo. This design was launched in 2017. It was implemented in cooperation with the advertising agency Breakpoint.