Bella Ciao Craft Beer

Marçal Prats

London, UK

Bella Ciao is a lager craft beer that pays homage to the famous libertarian anthem, a call for universal struggle against all political and social oppression.

The design evokes the Italian origin of the song, using images taken from pamphlets of social protests in Rome during the 1970s, while the ground-breaking Futurism work by the Italian artist Fortunato Depero inspires the logotype and typefaces.

The main purpose of the design is to express the power of the protest, using a strong combination with a striking contrast between the colours red, black, and white. In addition, the style depicts the vibrant, expressive, and even lo-fi quality finishes of the underground political print materials of the 1970s.

Bella Ciao craft beer can be purchased at the l’Anjub Store <>.

Disciplines: Packaging, Beverages, F&B, Branding, Typography
Client: L’Anjub Brewery <>
Location: Tarragona, Catalonia (Spain)