Cielito Lindo, one of the most promising independent breweries in Latin America, with its facilities in Guadalajara, Mexico, is now venturing into the specialty and collection beer market with its barrel-aged proposal. This first batch of stout beers matured for 12 months are part of its initial launch along with its portfolio beers. This specialty beer line must stand out as a unique edition and differentiate itself from the line’s packaging while maintaining the essence of the brand, the reflection of a solid Mexican culture.

We created and developed the main concept, the artwork and the packaging. Requirements were simple yet challenging: emotion and Mexicanity. The icon and typography of the master brand had to remain intact but present as a signature. It was a clean canvas on which both the artwork and the design work were revealed. The beer collection had to connect with the consumer who commonly acquires these 600 ml bottle presentations for the fall-winter season as a gift, so the experience would have to convey the warm and surprising feeling of a gift intended for a special occasion.

The solution was found in the collective imagery and in the symbol of warmth of the matter itself: wood. The barrels in which they are aged as well as the toys that evoke distant nostalgia are made of this material. Inspired by the archetypical memory of toys, we played along with the general concept of a gift made of the same material as the toys of previous times. The desired gift waiting to be opened on special occasions such as Christmas or birthdays. This narrative concept brings the idea of sharing and recalls the feeling of wonder that was present when we were children. The metaphor in the artwork is inspired by handcrafted objects and toys from the cultures of Mexico and Latin America, although from particularity it also communicates a value that can be understood from any culture.