PIUS is small batch wine produced in limited quantities, grown and bottled in Paso Robles, California by PIUS Estates. A wine truly and faithfully crafted with righteous quality and high devotion. Devotion possessed by the vintners who make the wine and devotion felt by the consumers after they’ve tried it.

PIUS Estates launched their company in 2020 with a 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon that held their namesake – PIUS. This being their first vino in a long range of offerings that are set to be released from PIUS Estates over the coming years. Each offering in the future will possess a different primary name but will share the same brand story, inspirations, and thematic metaphors.

PIUS Estates approached our studio, like most of our clients do, with nothing but a name and that’s all we needed. After a taste testing of their first offering, their 2018 Cabernet, we understood it was indeed an unequaled wine that was worthy of high praise. The label design needed to reflect that in every aspect.

After completing the strategy, copywriting, and primary pack design we reached out to renown illustrator Marc Burkthardt to bring the painting featured on the label to life. Inspired by the Byzantine era, the painting is wrought with iconic imagery that tells the story of the vintners who sacrifice all to create a superior offering. The painting also possesses subtle enigmatic imagery that speaks to the wine’s provenance and the owner’s personal passion for the wine.

It’s a remarkable wine that deserves a following.