مشهد، استان خراسان رضوی، ایران

Packaging is very important in the category of protection, storage and hygienic transportation of goods and plays an important and key role in the marketing of those goods.

Nowadays, due to the increase of companies and factories to produce all kinds of goods and products, the competition between them has also increased in the same proportion, and among them, product packaging is considered one of the factors of creating competition, because it is a powerful tool. It is to sell goods, so most factories spend a lot of time, money and effort on designing and packaging their products.

Perhaps most manufacturers are of the opinion that the product itself and its gift are more important than the packaging, while the packaging can play a very important role in the success or failure of selling a product. The purpose of product packaging is to protect against possible damage and show a good appearance of quality. Product packaging not only protects the product during transportation from the manufacturer to the consumer, but also prevents damage even on the store shelves and advertises the product directly without the need of another person.

Product design and packaging should be different according to customers’ taste, age, gender, etc

For different goods, different packages with different materials and different designs are used. In some packages, such as metal cans or cardboard packages, the contents inside the package are not clear, and the buyer cannot see the desired material.

The only way to attract the attention of consumers to use a product and buy it is to use attractive packaging. Creating attractive packaging for a product with special features, such as colors related to the product, creating packaging that fits the product’s application, designing a packaging form suitable for the product and how to place it on the shelf, affordability of the packaging, etc. .

The art of packaging design can be considered as one of the most sensitive branches of applied graphics, because the satisfaction of the consumer and the producer should be considered by the designer along with the scientific principles of design. The art of packaging design has penetrated into the daily life of people.

In designing the packaging of a product, you should pay attention to two important points: 1- The artistic and creative aspect of its design 2- Having creative packaging in mind will make your brand last in the mind of the audience for years, and this durability will increase the commercial credibility of your brand. It will also guarantee sales and increase the number of customers

Another sub-branch of applied graphic art is packaging graphic design, which can also be considered for advertising purposes. Packaging design uses art, science and technology at the same time to have an effect that can be projected in front of the critical eyes of the Iranian people. People who have very diverse tastes. For this reason, besides paying attention to aesthetic elements, the practical aspect of graphic art is placed as the goal of creating a work.

Creativity in packaging makes it attractive and attracts the attention of the audience. It also guarantees sales and customer attraction. One of the most important sales factors in commercial markets is attention to design and packaging

The creative design of a product makes your product attract the attention of the audience at the first glance among the shelves of a store, and after purchase, your product and its packaging will remain at home for weeks or months.

Colors each have specific meanings, concepts and feelings, and the perception of colors varies from person to person or even from culture to culture. In addition to creating beauty in packaging, color can also convey certain meanings and concepts. . Also, color can be effective in brand advertising and color can be used to make the brand last in the audience’s mind. The use of colors and creating a sense of satisfaction and positiveness in the consumer is called harmony

Using the right color scheme for packaging will make your product have high value and credibility and increase your sales efficiency. Colors in a package can express issues such as the content of the product itself, shape, smell, fragrance, etc

This design was done by order of diara candy producers, in this candy packaging, the use of geometric motifs in the background of the work, as well as the use of authentic Iranian plant motifs in order to show Iranian authenticity and Iranian identity, as well as the use of a curved window In order to show the real shape of the product and show its main quality, the audience can easily communicate with the product and be effective in increasing the number of customers. Also, the use of blue and green colors has been used to match the traditional style and Iranian authenticity. which has greatly helped the form and design.

The use of Iranian Nastaliq fonts in the design of this product is also used for the traditionality of the work and being Iranian

Another point to consider is using the real picture of saffron flower to show the saffron nature of the plant and also to create a sense of the product’s value and quality.

This packaging was designed by Azadeh Momeni Sani with 4 years of experience in packaging design.


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مشهد، استان خراسان رضوی، ایران
designer: Azadeh momenisani
Diara candy