Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

It all started with a gathering of close friends around Anita’s dining table. To accompany the food, a bowl of homemade chilli oil was passed around the table, and quickly scooped onto each plate. By the end of the meal, the chilli oil was the undisputed star of the show. A big believer in things always happening for a reason, Anita’s fiery labour of love found its way into a jar and was knighted HOTCHAA! – the chilli oil that pairs well with anything and everything.

HOTCHAA! The branding, packaging and mascot are designed and inspired by the robust flavour profile of Karnataka’s Byadagi chilli to bring elements of spice, heat, kick, excitement and playfulness together in a delightfully zingy package.

Pair it with eggs, idlis, momo, tikkis, pizza, uttapams, meat, potato chips or anything in your pantry. HOTCHAA!’s gotcha covered from dollop to drizzle to dip.