Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Once purely known for its tea, in the last decade Indian single estate coffee has become increasingly popular in the country and beyond its borders; with coffee farms dotting the western coastline. But what about the east?

Often overlooked, most definitely unappreciated, the eastern state of Odisha is a story yet to be told to millions of Indians in the country, and the world beyond.

A coined word, Odyssa brings Odisha and Odyssey together to tell a narrative of the land, its culture, and its inhabitants, over cups of locally sourced coffee and the aroma of spices. Owned by three proud Odias, Odyssa’s entire reason for being is to pay homage to their homestate that’s often overlooked on the map, champion it, and to reintroduce Odisha to the world.

For Odyssa, we treated packaging as communication and created pictorial stamps true to the state,
allowing the packaging to speak. From the art of pattrachitra paintings to the intricate weave of kotpad and ikat fabric, Odyssa’s packaging serves as the canvas to showcase these hidden secrets of Odisha. These stories will be updated ever-so-often to offer more of Odisha to the world.

The O of Odyssa’s master logo reflects the category of the produce found inside the sack. The bean, quite obviously, hints at coffee. The brand’s spice range is captured with a leaf; while its broader oil and honey offering depicts the landscape of Koraput.