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The Harris Tea Company came to our team with the hopes of bringing new, younger consumers to their Red Rose brand through packaging. They had four new flavored teas that they wanted to create new packaging for as well as a more premium pyramid bag to go inside each box. Based on the research they had conducted, the desired demographic was open to new and exciting flavors and the overall experience.

Having worked with several legacy brands to evolve and reach a younger audience who craves variety and unique experiences over specific brands, we knew that we wanted to target and embody the “experience” of drinking this tea. We worked to understand and visualize the various moments that each variety offers with its ingredients and benefits. Using bold colors, shifting hierarchy, imagery and different styles of illustration, we were able to offer the client many choices in hopes to narrow down on a few areas to further explore.

This chosen design concept, named: Rose Garden features custom illustrations from our team. These highlighted each newly named “Moment” while also giving ample attention to the flavor in having its own color as well as a small ingredient cluster to help balance the principle display panel. The illustrations were used to create the feeling or experience when drinking the tea all tying back to the main idea of the “moment.”