Cloak & Dagger is a mystery-themed diner, and every month, there’s a new mystery to be solved. Morbid murders, hair-raising heists, supernatural sightings — pick your poison!

💼 The takeout carrier helps set the scene as you and your motley crew of suspects play detective for a meal.

🥤 Inspired by Clue’s color-coded characters, the type of milkshake that a customer orders is what gives them their character, along with their first clue.

🥸 A customer’s napkin doubles as their character sheet, so try not to make too much of a mess, or else you’ll lose your identity.

🍴 At first glance, a set of cutlery may not seem particularly noteworthy. But upon further investigation, who knows what clues could be tucked inside…

🔍 What everyone’s been eagerly awaiting: the arrival of the evidence. Inside each of the meal bags, there are additional clues, a mysterious twist, and a cryptic message with the solution.

A solid solve is sure to satiate customers’ hunger for justice – and for a damn good meal.